The Foundation Mission

Rally for Rangers Foundation’s mission is to protect the world’s special places one motorcycle at a time. We raise funds to purchase new motorbikes and gear for rangers— which they then use to patrol National Parks. We will be hosting two rallies in 2018 to deliver total of 20 motorcycles to the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park rangers of Mongolia and the National Parks in Patagonia. The only thing more rewarding and exhilarating than riding 1,500 kilometers of dirt, mud, and river bottom is handing over the keys to an (almost) new motorcycle so these rangers can better protect the incredible resources of their national parks. Would you like to join us to make a difference in the lives of our rangers and preservation of a sacred ecosystem?

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Fourty years of playing in the dirt

Playing in the dirt for forty years

I am the youngest of the five kids my parents brought into the world between 1956 and 1965. My sister and three older brothers blazed countless trails through the jungle of life ahead of me. The one path where all four brothers converged with a common passion was dirt biking. I have no memory of not having a dirt bike in my life and I am able to discuss in great detail (when in like-minded company) many of the particular nuances of dozens of bikes that came through my hands over the past 40 plus years. All but one of my brothers continues to ride and race and we bond through riding though we live in different parts of the country. I believe that an important aspect of a good life includes self-discovery which in my opinion amounts to finding things to be passionate about. These passions then become an essential measure of who you are as a person. Dirt biking is one of my lifelong passions and it is an activity that stimulates the ongoing expansion of a uniquely evolving skill set. For example it forces a minimum level of physical fitness upon you. Riding is not much fun without physical endurance. Riding quiets the mind like a meditation. The past and future are suspended in favor of the immediate moment. It cultivates mechanical aptitude and the understanding of various complex systems. It is an amazing social channel where like-minded strangers can become instant friends. There seems to be no age or generational barrier among riders. Whether you are 10 or 80 a rider is a comrade.

Patagonia Rally December 2018

New for 2018 is a rally in Patagonia Argentina and Chile.

Rally for Rangers will feature a new off-road motorcycle ridden by me and donated to a park ranger in one of four parks we will visit in Patagonia Chile, and Argentina. Torres del Paine, Los Glaciares, Tierra del Fuego, and Karukinka parks await. The only thing more rewarding and exhilarating than riding over 1,500 kilometers of Patagonian gravel, wind, and river bottom is handing over the keys to an (almost) new motorcycle so these rangers can better protect the incredible resources of their national park.

Make a donation and ride in spirit

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How your donations are handled:

All donations are deposited into a savings account with TD Canada Trust Bank. My fundraising goal is $8500 US. Any amount in excess of this amount will be donated to Rally for Rangers Foundation. All funds will be dispersed to Rally for Rangers Foundation in August. If for any reason I am unable to attend the Rally for Rangers Ride in Patagonia, I will refund any money that has not already been dispersed to Rally for Rangers.


Rally for Rangers Foundation is fiscally sponsored by the Mongol Ecology Center, a tax-exempt public charity, a non-profit organization. This charity is not tax deductible for Canadian businesses.

Special offer from Creative Information Solutions.

If you would like to sponsor my efforts, I can provide you with an invoice for advertising services from my own company- Creative Information Solutions. 100% of your sponsorship contribution will go to the foundation and I will pay the income tax on all sponsorship contributions. More details to follow.

Fundraising Milestones

March 1st ($1,500)
June 1st ($4,000)
August 1st ($3,000)
Total Donation

The goal for the Patagonia ride is $8500 US. We are shooting high and hoping to raise $10,000.

Special thanks to all contributors

Dave O'Malley, Bernie Cox, Suzi Prokopchuk, Bob Gosselin, Sharon Baird, Tasha Bridgen, Peter Johnston, Ron Roseland-Barnes, Sidney Omelon, Jeroen Pinto, Kurt Turchan, Greg Williams, Nancy Rattle, Ken Wood, Patrick J Timmins, Chris Hadfield, Cathy Cox Neill, Gordon Martin, MaryAnn Harris, Charles de Lint, Claude Roy, Joan Armstrong, Sue Warren, Janeen Wagemans, Mike Ruddick, Marty Cox, Seppo Osala, André Laviolette, Glenda Hadley, Herb McLeod, Ian Coristine, Dan O'Connell